The first thing I would like to say to you is that I find this whole thing a little embarrassing. Here I am with a website that seems, at times, like an ad. But let me make it clear---I urge you to consider coming to study with me only because I believe in this.

I have taught many years, acted in a wide range of venues, studied thousands of hours, and worked hard to develop  the ideas that I bring to my curriculum. I know that I have the only course like this in the world.

The best thing about being in Mallorca for a year is that I have had a chance to put my ideas into practice. I got to bring a top Strasberg teacher into the class for two weeks. I was able to see the great advantage of bringing the camera into the work from the beginning--- the problems this caused and how to deal with them.

I do not wish to put anybody or any place down. But I urge you to check out my thoughts on going off to some place other than New York or L.A. to study acting.

                                              WHY NOT NEW YORK


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