The training I got in studying with C. C. Courtney
            was wonderfully personalized
He has the unique ability to tailor his teaching
             to suit each individual student
                        and bring out the very best in them
And --- CC's classes were always entertaining

Adair Moran

My experience being directed by C. C. Courtney
         was integral to my development as an actor
Initially I was resistant, self-conscious, and even critical
But once I committed myself to thinking outside the box
I quickly realized what a prize opportunity CC had given us
         to stretch as actors and create wonderful characters
Through CC's direction I was reminded how much fun it can be
C. C. Courtney was refreshingly unique
        and I will keep that with me in my acting always

Adam Waxman

 My experience with CC molded my understanding of acting
 He taught with such compassion
        with such comprehension of the Meisner technique
 I can now look into myself
        using not only the Meisner technique
 But also the words of wisdom from C. C. Courtney

Alisha Frank

As a teacher, CC walked a very difficult line
             with great success
He was at once utterly supportive
             and totally uncompromising
                       in his expectations
Part of every truthful moment I have
             on stage or screen
                       belongs to C. C. Courtney

                                                                       Amos Crawley

                                          C.C.Courtney als Schauspiellehrer ist ein Muss!
                                          Wenn Du Deine Instinkte und Deinen Sinn für Spiel wiederentdecken
                                                        und Ungezwungenheit auf der Bühne und vor der Kamera
erleben möchtest solltest Du aufhören Deine
                                                       Zeit zu verschwenden
                                     C.C.´s Klasse aufsuchen!
Andreas Wolfram
C. C. Courtney as an acting teacher is a must
 If you want to rediscover your instincts
            and experience freedom
                       on stage and on camera
 Quit wasting your time and money
 Study with C. C. Courtney

Andreas Wolfram
 Class of 2000

From the last day of C. C. Courtney's class until today, Andreas has been working steadily. He has done dozens of shows all over the world. From Japan to Cuba, Andreas is building a fantastic acting career.

Before studying with C .C. Courtney
            I always felt like I was just going through the motions
The great thing about his style
                             is that he challenges you
CC never backed off on me. He taught me to never ‘just settle'
You really learn how to use your imagination
                             And, believe me
            There is never a dull moment with CC

                                                                       Andrew Hubbard
C. C. Courtney taught me to truly listen to the other actor.
He inspired me to take bold risks,
            not to worry about how weird or crazy it might be
I'll never forget one day CC said to me
"Stop screwing around with all this phony emotion"
I went back to my seat feeling like a little kid
                 who got caught telling a big lie!
                               Which I never told again!

Anthony Cruz
C. C. Courtney is the most insightful, intuitive, experienced teacher
I still go back to my notes from his on-camera classes
       every time I get a television or film job
CC has a gift for communicating with his students
With real knowledge of the business
       and what is expected from a professional actor
However, he also pushes his students
       to go outside their comfort zone in search of the truth
C. C. Courtney  was the best preparation I could have had
       for what I hope will be a lifelong career
I am so grateful that I had him as a teacher

Ashlie Atkinson                                            Major role on TV series "Rescue Me"
Class of 2002                                      Nominated Best off-Broadway Actress 2005
      Many and constant roles, stage, television and film

There is only so much an actor can understand about their abilities
       without a loving heart and soul like C. C. Courtney behind them
CC is a Master teacher of honest, truthful acting
In his own very specific CC style
CC invites you to find the truth of the moment
He is engrossing; you will hang on his every word
       as you learn what it means to be dedicated to the craft of acting 
C. C. Courtney is dynamic, dedicated; his incredible life experience
              will open your eyes to what you never knew possible

Avery Pearson

C. C. Courtney is the most amazing
             and the most inspiring person
                       I have ever had the opportunity to work with
                              I would follow CC anywhere to work with him again

Cady Allen
Carla Tassara  (click here)
C. C. Courtney is a force to be reckoned with
His understanding about the craft of acting
                          is beyond what any book can teach
Thank you CC, for all that you have taught me
                          about love, life, and being in the moment

Christine Flint
In 2001, very fortunately, I had the  opportunity
                       to study acting under C. C. Courtney in New York City
 Being in CC's classroom is like riding a roller coaster
                      ~~~it's an exhilarating rush~~~
 You discover your full range
                   your personal highs and lows
 Unlike teachers who cradle students
 CC gives you the freedom to make mistakes
                And those are beautiful moments
 Any of your ideas and habits that lead to bad acting
                          ~~~ are shattered ~~~
 Then with love, sensitivity, and tact
 CC will help you build anew
Planting a seed of truth in your heart
                    CC will enable you to blossom not only as an artist
                                        but  also as a human being
Daniel Tirado
C.C. Courtney is a fantastic teacher
The year I spent with him was not only the most challenging
       but the most rewarding
He taught me to look within myself and pull from my own resources
       in order to be a more dynamic performer
              so I would be capable and ready for the professional world
CC was supportive through this journey, pushing me beyond my limits
I am so lucky to have studied with such an amazing and talented man

D'Shanna Moses
After my first acting class with C.C. Courtney,
                I knew I was in the right place
He made me a stronger actor
                His influence as a teacher is everlasting
I'm still discovering lessons he tried to teach me
However, more important than my acting
CC has helped me become stronger, more honest
He is extremely sensitive to the human condition
               and completely giving of himself
He is eternally approachable
                         inside and outside the classroom
C. C. Courtney is an actor's director
He is also a producer's director, a writer's director
        and a director's director to boot
This all comes by virtue of CC's experience
He has succeeded on so many artistic fronts
        that he has an amazing wealth of knowledge
His actors are rapt in awe and are nothing short of inspired
I am fortunate to have been one of those actors
                and would hop, skip, and jump
                       at the opportunity to do it again

       Dustin Olson
I consider myself very lucky to have had C. C. Courtney as my teacher
Learning Meisner technique is a journey out of the ordinary
          and it takes a lot of guts and trust in the process
CC created a very safe environment in the classroom
          which made it easier to open up and share the experience
It's an amazing technique that makes you alive on stage
                               I cannot thank CC enough
Ebba Trulsson
Working with C. C. Courtney was a unique  experience
I learned so many valuable things about both stage and film
       from a teacher who knows the techniques
              and how they are applied today
CC's feedback is always honest, with clarity and insight
I am thankful to have taken his classes and worked with him
The knowledge that I gained has kept me acting since school
                      C. C. Courtney is truly amazing

                                                                                   Elli Stefanidi
It is an exceptional teacher who raises the bar
                 Believes his students can reach it
Demands that they discover and commit their unique abilities to do so
C. C. Courtney is such a teacher
His lessons equipped me with tools and techniques
                 that I use constantly in auditions and performance
CC encouraged me to be imaginative at all costs
          to see beyond the obvious and live truthfully on and off the stage
                              C. C. Courtney is a true acting mentor
Emma Gordon
  C. C. Courtney is an amazing teacher
  I was a very negative person and a one dimensional actor
  CC helped me break down the barriers I spent my life building
  He taught me how to make genuine contact with other humans
  As a result of working with CC my acting has greatly expanded
                and the quality of my work has grown immensely
  I would not be the person or actor that I am today
                              without C. C. Courtney's influence in my life

  Erik Potempa
The most important thing I learned from CC 
	was to find my true individuality and to stand up with it
This gave me a certain power and strength that I had never felt
	and it was the greatest lesson I have ever learned from any teacher
CC taught me that my unique self is my strongest tool
CC is not afraid of doing things differently
His strength to steer away from the conventional
	has allowed him to be a truly unique individual and teacher
CC provides only a positive environment for his students
He gives off incredible warmth and energy
	that creates a positive and safe environment
This environment that he sets allows the never-ending process for improving our artistry
The special light that CC exudes is such an inspiration
		 and leaves an extraordinary impression that I'll never forget
Faye Bloch
Working with CC Courtney was an amazing experience
He has a real sense of theatricality, and a love
           not only of actors, but of great scripts
He creates an environment that allows actors to feel
           as if they are all collectively creating a work
At the same time, CC supports you and guides you
With CC as a director, I learned to play and improvise
           and truly live within the framework of the play
To fully enjoy the creation of a character and her world
That freedom comes from working with C. C. Courtney




  Esther Barlow

The teaching method of C. C. Courtney can be summed up in 3 words ---
                     "passion, precision and artistry"
No other acting teacher can unlock
       a performer's creative potential the way CC can
I discovered my own uniqueness
       the most valuable asset you can have
The C. C. Courtney method will give you the precision
       required to work onstage and in front of a camera
I urge you to study at least a year with C. C. Courtney

Jeff Benson
C.C. Courtney provided me with a large foundation
He taught me to trust myself in spite of myself
CC is an experienced actor and teacher
              and he drew on that experience
He challenged me and inspired me to do anything
              To not play it safe
This is a great asset to any actor
Greg Konow

The best thing I ever did for my acting
        was to learn the essential skills from C .C. Courtney
 He pushed me to be honest with myself
 He enabled me to rid myself of my bad acting habits
 He taught us the importance of being self-sufficient
                      and, above all, imaginative
 Under CC's expert guidance we were given tools
        to create complete, complex, interesting characters
Jennifer Williams               and space to discover the best way to use them

I had the pleasure of being taught the art of acting by CC
He pushed me to reach my full potential
His approach forces you to question and expand your mind
         to make more fruitful and creative choices
After all, acting is about the choices you make
I can't thank him enough for the extremely valuable experience
I am sure that anyone he teaches will benefit a great deal
         from the incredible tutelage of C. C. Courtney

                                                                                           John Kelly
  C. C. Courtney taught me more about myself in one year
           than a psychologist could have in ten
   He taught me how to be strong
                  and vulnerable at the same time
   Most importantly he showed me
                  that compassion is a rare quality
                                  and I should be proud to have it
   CC was tough on me but always fair
   He taught me how to trust my instincts and choices
   CC's passion and devotion for acting still inspire m

Kimberly LaFerriere

Just three years after studying with C. C. Courtney
Along came the lead in a big Hollywood movie---"The Ring"
There have been five movies since then
              including the pretty well respected "Little Fish"
I now have three films in post production
                                    ENOUGH SAID
Martin Henderson
New Zealand
Learning from C. C. Courtney was one hell of a ride
CC teaches from his experience, his life and from his heart
He taught me to give more of myself as an actor
                by showing us how to do that
I have never had a more giving teacher
The year I spent in class with CC
                         is one I will never forget
Matt Halliday
New Zealand
CC has been the single greatest influence on my acting
He established professionalism and discipline in the classroom

CC’s greatest strength is establishing a safe environment
         in which to experiment, explore, fail
                                             and ultimately learn
CC provides the biggest gift a teacher can give to a student
                a true sense of ownership over craft, and technique
Never have I had an instructor encourage me
                       to challenge me more as an actor
I consider C. C. Courtney to be my teacher, mentor, and friend

Maximilian Davis
C. C. Courtney is one of the most important persons in my life
He taught me more about myself in one year
         than I learned in all of my academic learning
He provided me with an open and free environment
He encouraged me to take risks,  to explore my potential
He taught me by guiding me to find answers
         within myself and by myself
CC has so much love; for his students; for teaching
        He has integrity, vision and will

   Micha Lazare
Everyday I remember some happenings from that year
         and appreciate what it has brought to me
                            C. C. Courtney is still living in me

Noboru Ataka
C. C. Courtney instilled the confidence I needed to try new things
                To challenge myself with material I might not have tried before
                             To explore new avenues, new ways of approach
 Not to always pick one way but to try new ways
 To create something people will want to watch
 Then CC taught me how to play no holds barred
 Never hold back anything, express everything ,
          Never be afraid to make a fool of yourself
 You just may find what makes you stand out
 CC has been such an inspiration to me
 He believed in me,
          Showed me I really have something to offer

Nathan Lanman
CC took what I thought was acting and turned it on its ear
He led me through confusion, inner turmoil and tears
All crucial steps in my evolution toward being a more solid,
            more believable, more real actor and human being
What I learned extends far beyond my career, into my life
I am a much more confident, aware and complete person
                       because of C. C. Courtney

                                                                               Philip Buiser
I had no idea what acting was until C. C. Courtney taught me
               that acting is not only about telling stories
 It's about bringing your own experiences to fill those stories
               Otherwise they are just empty words
 Furthermore, acting is about living one's life to the fullest
 CC believes in taking risks not only in acting but in life
 This is reflected in his teaching, in all aspects of his artistry
 Without CC I would not take the risks that I do today
               as an actress and as a human being
 I would not have the confidence to make the work my own
    Robyn Frank                       
CC allowed me the room to experiment, but then he reigned me in
         making the moment-to-moment reality become truthful
His insight into the nuances of the emotional landscape
         guided me to perform with fullness and truth
I am very thankful to have worked with C.C. Courtney

Russell Bennett

Lo que aprendí de C C Courtney me ayudó a ser no solamente una mejor actriz
            sino una mejor persona, mucho más abierta  y sensible al mundo
 CC me preparó  de una manera rigurosa pero cariñosa y cercana
            en todo lo necesario para convertirme en una actriz
                        auténtica, exigente, perceptiva, sensible, crítica, creativa, segura
                                         y sobre todo real y sincera
 Me da mucha alegría que C. C. Courtney  pueda estar ahora en  Mallorca 
              y   volcar así todos sus conocimientos y su amor por este arte
                                                          a los estudiantes de España y toda Europa

Rossana Fernandez Maldonado

What I learned from C. C. Courtney not only made me a better actress
            but a better person much more open and sensitive to the world
CC taught me in a very rigorous but kind and dedicated way
He guided me and trained me in all matters I needed to become
            an authentic, demanding, perceptive, sensitive, critical, creative actress
Most of all, he taught me to be sincere and truthful
I am very glad that C. C. Courtney is now in Mallorca 
                     and can pass on his knowledge and his love for this art
                                                         to students of Europe and all the world

Rossana Fernandez-Maldonado
Class of 2000

Rosanna has appeared in several television series, dozens of major stage
productions, and a major role in the most watched soap opera in the world

CC's way of teaching is like no other
He allows you to make mistakes
          so you really know what they feel like
Then the chance of your repeating them are slim
Not many acting teachers give you that opportunity
CC is such an inspiration to me, and always will be
He reminded me constantly
                 that I can do things I thought I couldn't
Opening a whole new door for me to enter and explore
                 Not only as an actor, but also as a person
  Shauna Godwin
C. C. Courtney's teaching adjusts to meet the needs of each student
He creates a family dynamic within the classroom
         which gave me the freedom to find myself in my own time
CC stands apart from every other teacher I've ever had
         Inspiring me to delve into myself and trust my path

Stacy Smith

C. C. Courtney made me realize that every moment has meaning
Not only acting wise, but also in my life
You start to figure out quite specifically who you are
         And who the people around you are
This soon translates to a wider and wider range of characters
CC has an amazing personality
                with the ability to make you feel in many ways
You are the lucky one if you have a chance to learn from him
                                      I am for sure

Sugihara Sakurako
C. C. Courtney had the ability to recognize how far he could push me
         both emotionally and creatively
He gently gave me confidence, which I greatly needed
CC recognized my desire to learn and to please
He was remarkable about making sure I took something positive away
              whenever I felt that I had failed
CC gave me a foundation of skills and truths that I will be able to use
                       and will in fact need, both on and off stage, for life

Thea Railey
In C. C. Courtney’s class you almost don’t notice how you are learning
What he is teaching you is a very slow but deep and profound process
When you get out, you are able --- by yourself
                               to apply the things you’ve learned
In his class you feel worshipped and respected as the person you are
CC creates an atmosphere of freedom where you can try whatever you want
He encourages you to experiment
                               but he doesn’t let you get away with any bullshit
You can try out everything and see what works best for you
But he gives you an honest, profound, professional analysis of your work
CC’s teaching is not about himself; you are the most important person
Learning in his class gave me a deep understanding
                              of the profession, of my work, and of myself
I wouldn’t be the same actress nor the same person
                              Had I not been in C. C. Courtney’s class
Tina Grawe


C. C. Courtney created such a wonderful atmosphere for class
He made clear his expectations on how to treat and respect each other
This helped all of us to grow
CC has a wonderful easy going manner that put us all at ease
           but he also set the bar very high for our moral responsibility
                    to each other as colleagues and friends
CC created a strong support system
                            making everyone comfortable to share and free to create

Whitnie Wood
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