In my view, C. C. Courtney is the finest teacher of the Meisner Technique
             teaching today, both from a creative and an intellectual standpoint.
There are many, many third and fourth generation Meisner teachers.
Their understanding of the Meisner Technique is, however,
             often trite and superficial.
Few have taken the trouble to comprehend Meisner's system
             with the same depth and erudition as Mr. Courtney,
                          The absolute living authority on the subject.

David Krasner
Director of Undergraduate Theater Studies
Yale University

                                         For the definitive study on the current state of Stanislavski
                                         based acting, read David Krasner's
Method Acting Reconsidered

Not since Sanford Meisner himself
               have we had a finer acting teacher than C. C. Courtney
Being a Meisner teacher is a very difficult thing to do
CC has immersed himself in teaching acting for over 30 years
He is now one of the best in the world
CC has excellent rapport with his students
               and the results have been outstanding
Many of his students have gone on to successful careers
              - - - stage, TV, and film
I give him my unqualified highest recommendation

Richard Pinter
Head of Acting
Neighborhood Playhouse

C. C. Courtney is a world class expert
                   in teaching the Meisner Technique
A highly gifted educator, writer, director and performer

Hal Baldridge
Executive Director
Neighborhood Playhouse


Besides being an outstanding teacher of acting
C. C. Courtney has unusually strong credentials
            as a composer, playwright and director
His keen intelligence combined with imagination and experience
            make him most unusual
His knowledge is deep and broad
CC is courteous, self-confident but never overbearing
He is a very nice human being

Gresdna Doty
Former Head
Department of Theatre
Louisiana State University

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