Tip of the Hat
  Mallorca is a rather large island, about 400 square miles. It
  belonged to the Moors for a century or so, but it's been Spanish
  since the mid 1200s. There are still many descendants of an
  ancient native culture, but most of the  population is Spanish.
  Mallorca has been a playground of the hip and the rich since the
  1920s. Most of them stay for the summer and go back home, but
  there are about 30,000 Germans and 30,000 English in the
  capital city of Palma alone who came to play and decided to
  stay. Spanish is the official language, but English is widely



 At left is one of the town plazas that are
 everywhere. Look closely at the trees
 and you will notice that in January there
 are ripe oranges on the trees. At right is
 just one of hundreds of surprise sights
 you  run across as
you walk around. And
 you  don't need a car in Palma. It's like
 New  York---t
he public transportation is
 so people walk everywhere.

People who do drive, quite often have Smart Cars or motor scooters, which they leave overnight on the street outside their apartments without chaining them to something!

The streets are safe all hours of the day and night, so most people walk most of the time.

Like to the beach. There are miles of them on Mallorca. The waterfront around the Bay of Palma is lined with walkways, past the beautiful cathedral, past the huge marina, past quiet spots like this where you can sit, soak up the sun (which shines 320 days per year) and meditate about what it takes to be a good actor.




 As you walk through the city, you pass
 through narrow streets like the one on
 the left, which doesn't even look like
 a street because it has been covered
 with stained glass.
 To the right here, there is this narrow
 street at the end of which, on the left,
 is the MFA building. Like all the
 buildings in this section of town, there
 is a 4 story limit. The $2.5 million
 dollar restoration is almost complete.
 The top part of the building is finished.
 The bottom section is still
 under construction as seen to the right
          ---and below.


This is the courtyard where
you enter to take the stairs
up to the classrooms, one   
of which was a secret room
that had been hidden for about 300years.
  This is the courtyard of another building nearby. Ours may look like this when it is finished this summer. And, of course, after a little time for the landscapers' work to settle in,
which in this climate, won't be long.

It's hard to show the building's beauty. Though it is attractive from the outside, it is tightly nested on narrow streets among many other buildings with beautiful stone, delicate Mediterranean colors, elaborate wrought iron, and beautifully carved wood.

It is inside where the majesty is revealed. The ceilings are18 feet tall. The floors are beautiful terrazzo. The wood moldings everywhere are elaborate. The doors are unbelievably thick, elaborately-carved wood. The light from the windows is of a hue that makes everything look like a romantic tale come true. The imagination of the actor is given free rein.

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